What Every Woman Should Know Before Taking a Home STD Test

What Every Woman Should Know Before Taking a Home STD Test

The symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease can be disturbing for a woman. However, even though the itching and discharge can be a clear sign of an STD, they can also indicate other medical conditions. Understandably, many women are hesitant to go to their family doctor or gynecologist when they think they have this type of infections. Home tests offer them another way to get the answers they need without the embarrassment of going to the clinic.

When considering using one of these tests, it’s important to thoroughly research the company to ensure the test is accurate. A false negative could result in additional problems for a woman that could eventually include infertility. It’s very important to follow the instructions included with the test to ensure the sample is collected properly. Improper collection methods are one of the leading causes of false negatives. After receiving the results from the testing company, it’s essential to follow up with a doctor, even if the results are negative and the symptoms go away.

Getting an STD test at a doctor’s office is not as embarrassing as some women think. Gynecologists deal with this issue every day and since they are professionals, they are more likely to give their patients advice to help them avoid these kinds of infections than to judge them. Women who have a good relationship with their doctor should not worry about the doctor knowing they participated in risky behavior. Although this type of activity should be avoided, women should not be afraid to talk to their doctor about it.

A home testing kit can give some answers to a woman who doesn’t have insurance and isn’t certain she has been infected. However, since the results can be inaccurate, it’s important for a woman to see her doctor or go to a clinic as soon as possible. The testing company cannot prescribe medication and there are no over-the-counter medications that treat sexually transmitted diseases. Prompt treatment is essential to avoid complications. Left untreated, STDs can be spread to other and could even lead to serious health problems, including infertility in men and women.

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